W.T. Kirkman No. 1 Little Champ Cold Blast Lantern

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The W.T. Kirkman No. 1 Little Champ features a full weight pressed globe bearing and a wing-lock burner with superior wind resistance. The Little Champ rivals larger lanterns for brightness. Highly rust resistant and reminiscent of the lanterns produced in the late 1800's into the 1940's, the Little Champ is especially appropriate for applications that demand both historic accuracy as well as durability and performance. And, believe it or not, it only burns about 4 cents-worth of oil per hour.



  • Overall height: 12”
  • Average Candle Power: 9
  • Maximum Candle Power: 12
  • Wick: 7”
  • Approximate thermal output: 1400BTU per hour
  • Fuel funnel included
  • Wick: 5/8”
  • Burning time: 12 Hours