Spay Point Camp Knife

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The Spay Point Camp Knife is forged by renowned metalsmith Cary Thomas in the mountains of northern Idaho.

Thomas recycles premium steel from Idaho lumber mills, repurposing ancient saw blades into knife art. His handles are one-of-a-kind, custom designed for balance and strength, and his hand-tooled sheaths are themselves singular work of art.

As its name suggests, the spay knife was traditionally used for spaying livestock; spay point blades are useful in circumstances when you want to cut through a substance but not damage what's underneath such as skinning small animals around the intestines or opening a box when you don't want to damage what's inside.

While factory-made knives quickly wear out and depreciate, custom knives like the Spay Point Camp Knife are truly superior, designed to be used for a lifetime and then passed on as treasured heirlooms.


  • 8670 etched steel blade; forged from 1/8th-inch lumber mill saw steel
  • stabilized figured walnut handle; complemented with copper pins
  • American leather sheath; decoratively hand-tooled and customized for fit
  • vertical-carry; right hand draw
  • overall length of 10 inches; cutting edge of 5.5 inches
  • full tang for superior strength

All C Thomas custom knives are hand-made in the USA

    • 8670 etched steel, a premium steel used in professional-grade saw blades for durability and edge holding
    • stabilized figured walnut handle
    • overall length: 10 inches; cutting edge: 5.5 inches
    • vertical carry
    • saddle-grade American leather