ARB Tree Protector

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If your adventures take you off-road, you need to include a tree protector in your gear kit. We never head into the backcountry without one.

There are two keys to a tree protector. First, as the name suggests, it helps protect the tree that is used as an anchor point in a recovery situation. Wrapping cable, rope, or chain around a tree damages both your equipment and the tree. 

A tree protector is also safe. You never want to wrap a winch line around a tree and hook the line back onto itself; this is a dangerous practice that can lead to line failure.

ARB’s Tree Protectors are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, making them essential gear in any off-road vehicle. 

ARB Tree Protector




  • 10ft: 26,500lbs Capacity
  • 16ft: 26,500lbs Capacity