ARB Snatch Strap

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Don't Trust Your Vehicle and Your Safety to Substandard Recovery Gear

ARB's 4x4 recovery gear is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards and tested in some of the most extreme locations around the world.

A snatch strap is specifically designed to safely and efficiently extract a stuck or immobilized vehicle when a second vehicle is present.

The ability to stretch is they key distinction between a snatch strap and a tow strap. Here's why: When under load, a snatch strap is elastic and a tow strap is not. This has two benefits: First, the kinetic energy that is generated as the strap stretches adds pulling power and significantly aids the recovery. Second, a strap that stretches puts less strain on the point where the strap is attached, greatly reducing that chance of vehicle damage.

All of ARB's snatch straps are fabricated to ARB specifications and tested by a NATA approved laboratory. The 17,500 lb. model is recommended for most 4WD vehicles; the 24,000 lb. & 33,000 lb. straps are recommended for heavier applications.


  • Length: 30ft
  • Stretch: Genuine 20%
  • Material: 100% nylon with reinforced eyes