Overland Expo West is an annual three-day gathering in Flagstaff where overlanders from far and wide gather to celebrate and covet gear for vehicle-assisted adventure.

The event draws over 10,000 attendees, offers more than 200 different classes, and hosts a sprawling showcase of exhibitors. Here are few of our favorite offerings from this year's Expo:

Mini-Skottle by TemboTusk Gear: Originating in South Africa, the skottle is a large wok-like disc traditionally used straight over a fire for cooking. TemboTusk sells a modernized skottle that adds the convenience of a gas canister. This year at Overland Expo, the TemboTusk team grilled delicious samples on their skottles and showed off a prototype of a mini-skottle designed with motorcyclists and space-conscious campers in mind.

 mini skottle


Habitat Shell by AT Overland: AT Overland Equipment's Habitat Truck Topper is an ingenious truck bed camping platform that is both lightweight and spacious. The easily-deployable design allows for full stand up room in the bed of the truck under the protective canopy of an all-season Nemo Equipment tent. The stronger-than-it-appears cantilevered sleeping platform support 600 pounds and doubles as a protective awning. The entire unit is remarkably light (a scant 340 pounds for the Tacoma version). The best part: AT Overland just released a selection of full-size options. 

AT Camper


X1 Grand Tourer by Patriot Campers: The Patriot Campers X1 Grand Tourer is built to go anywhere.  The X1’s extreme departure angle, overall length and wide track allow for smooth, effortless towing while its adjustable air suspension keeps it well clear of backcountry obstacles. It's tricked-out with an impressive array of components (Our favorite was system that pressurizes the cabin to prevent dust and grit from entering storage compartments). Fully loaded the X1 is a mobile luxury basecamp, offering everything you need to camp, cook, and relax.  At just under $40,000, a fully loaded X1 requires deep pockets, but for those with the means, an X1 guarantees that you'll adventuring in style. 

patriot camper


Storage Modules by Goose Gear: Goose Gear's specialty is ingenious vehicle storage solutions for Toyotas and Jeeps. With a Goose Gear system, you can transform your cluttered rig into a dialed-in camping command center that is secure, durable, and accessible. No other company offers a more impressive variety of organizational drawers, sliders, and clever modules. 

goose gear


Pro-Camper Kit by Campfire Defender: Campfire Defender's Camper Kit makes any campfire safer and longer lasting. The key component in the the kit is a military-grade weather-proof blanket engineered to withstand the extreme temperature of a burning campfire. When a fire is covered with the Campfire Defender, it is protected from wind, rain, and snow, sparks are safely contained, and adjustable alloy vents allow you to control the air flow--smother the fire dead or keep the coals on slow-burn to be rekindled hours later. 

 campfire defender


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