Overland Expo draws vehicles of all shapes and sizes, including two monster rigs that this year once again proved to be crowd favorites: The Unimog and the Earth Cruiser.

The Mercedes Unimog is an overland behemoth that looks like a cross between a dump truck and a Mad Max battle wagon. With full-time all-wheel drive and massive ground clearance, the Unimog is built to plow through or over just about anything.  There’s nothing discreet about the Unimog—it attracts crowds everywhere it goes—but if you don’t mind the attention and you prefer brawn to creature comforts, then the burly Unimog is the rig for you.


Built on a rugged four-wheel drive Mitsubishi platform, the gigantic diesel-powered Earth Cruiser is designed to go anywhere (assuming it can fit).  While it might look utilitarian on the outside, step inside and you’ll find a spacious living space kitted out with every creature comfort you can imagine. If a base price of around $200,000 doesn’t bring you pause, then the Earth Cruiser is the perfect mobile basecamp for your next off-the-grid excursion around the globe.

 earth cruiser

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