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Women are better at math, have stronger immune systems, live longer, and have sharper memories than men. Now you can add splitting wood to the list.  For proof, check out this video of Ashley, the Bare Foot Axe Girl.

Study Ashley’s impressive technique closely and you'll noticed three keys to her wood splitting prowess:

1. Ashley is ACCURATE. Precision is more important than power when splitting wood.  Ashley positions herself so that she can STRIKE THE ROUND NEAR THE EDGE where the growth rings are the most vulnerable.  Smart move, Ashley.

2. Ashley splits DRY, REASONABLY SIZED WOOD. She’s no fool.  She doesn’t mess around with huge, gnarly wood or wood with high moisture content. Ashley knows that splitting wood should be a pleasure, not a chore.

3. Ashley uses a SHARP, LIGHT AXE & ADDS A TWIST. While many people split wood with a heavy maul, Ashley opts for a lighter axe with a sharp, narrow head. To split wood with an axe like this, she needs to slightly rotate her wrists to the side just as she strikes the round.  Without the twist, a sharp axe head tends to stick in the round.



As for swinging an axe while barefoot, we offer these thoughts:  In our neck of the woods, axe-wielding women usually wear boots.  But as far as we're concerned, Ashley’s toes are her business, not ours.  If Ashley prefers to split wood without boots, then that’s her call.  End of conversation. Far be it from us to judge a master axe-swinger like her.


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