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We love beer and we love the great outdoors, so we were stoked when we heard that Uinta Brewery was releasing a special National Parks edition of their Golden Ale. We commend you, Uinta, for bringing our two favorite things together in one convenient and delicious package. Cheers.

Can of Uinta Beer
Steve Mills, Uinta's Chief Executive Officer, puts a nice spin on the release: "We're fortunate to have five National Parks within 5 hours of the brewery and hope that our Golden Ale encourages consumers to get out an explore those that surround them." Currently Uinta has the following parks slated for release in 2017: Yosemite, Yellowstone, Arches, Great Smoky Mountains, Acadia, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain, and Everglades.

While, admittedly, it stings a bit that Mt. Rainier—our favorite park—didn't make the 2017 list, it's okay, Uinta. We understand. So many great parks.  So little time. You won't hear us complaining. We look forward to drinking our way through the current National Park lineup, and can't wait for the 2018 series. Beer just keeps getting better!


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